The POS you will never outgrow!

Restaurant Manager POS System


Restaurant Manager's Restaurant POS System helps to decrease costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

With Restaurant Manager’s Restaurant POS System, servers turn tables faster and lower wait times with easy check and item splitting. The Restaurant POS System maximizes your revenue by instantly adding an item from any POS workstation allowing for more accurate reporting and better insight to which specials to repeat.

Get the tools to boost your bottom line.

Servers place orders more quickly, and turn more tables with access to operational information via cell phone, email, or PDA.

Table Side Order Placement. 

Eliminate theft and waste with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module.

Inventory Control.

Accurately manage projected wait times and organize overall seating management with RM Wait List.

Table Management.

Get information on voids, staff productivity, which menu items are performing well and a wide variety of other important operational information.

Management Reporting.

Streamlined split check makes it easy to accommodate customers.

Split Check.

Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions.

Back OfficeReporting.