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QSR point of sale system

QSR Quick Service

POS Systems

With our variety of  Quick Service options you will gain speed, accuracy and reliability. Robust operational functionality and the info needed to solve real business issues and ensure return business.

Flexible Operations

Orders are ready faster with tickets immediately hitting kitchen and no difficulty reading

Quick Training

 Intuitive software interface means new employees can easily get up-to-speed faster than ever

Easy Special Orders

Automatically track orders to group eligible ‘combo’ items together so special orders are done quick

Order Grouping

Speed up service by sending tickets to the right employees as soon as the order is placed

More Sales Options

Accommodate your diners and speed up service by quickly splitting the bill between parties.

Real Time Sales Stats

Extensive reporting features like product mix reports, stock counters, and server sales totals

Enhance your Quick Service POS System with features like:
qsr pos with kitchen monitor
Kitchen Display Monitors

Send orders out rapidly with orders sent and managed from the kitchen

qsr pos with online ordering
Online Ordering

Gives customers convenience while managing your menu from one place

qsr pos with order confirmation
Order Confirmation Display

Ensures accurate orders, increased production and customer satisfaction

Coin Dispensers

Speed up service and allow for easy cash management

qsr pos with inventory tracking
Inventory Control

Track exact item quantity sold by customer count or by day

accept gift cards with qsr pos system
Gift Cards

Manage gift card sales and redemption directly on your POS system

quick service pos with guest paging
Guest Paging

Locate guests quickly and reduce guests from leaving

quick service pos with customer loyalty promotions
Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with built-in promotions & coupons

Quick Service Equipment Options to Boost Operations
qsr point of sale tablet

Tableside Ordering

Provides the full functionality of a Restaurant Manager workstation along with EMV and MSR for Pay-at-the-Table. 

quick service mobile pay device

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table

Easily place orders and accept payments right at the table to speed up service. Seamlessly integrates with any POS software.

qsr self order kiosk

Self Order Kiosk

This customer access kiosk is for order placement and payment options compatible with most POS systems. 

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