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pizza point of sale system


POS Systems

Upgrade your pizzeria's payment processing system with the Restaurant Manager

pizza pos monitor and tablet

Takeout and Delivery has never been easier! Restaurant Manager’s Pizzeria POS System is tailored to prompt employees through specific tasks quickly and accurately.

On-Screen Ordering

 One intuitive screen allows employees to select various options to customize an order

Order Tracking

 Orders are labeled with customer info and elapsed time, and sent out with driving instructions and map code

Order Grouping

Speed up service by sending tickets to the right employees as soon as the order is placed

Smart Reporting

Get alerts to your cell phone or email for voids, VIP customers or an employee nearing overtime

Fast Order Switching

 Quickly and easily switch between existing orders and start new orders directly from the order entry

Customer Database

Track order history, driving directions, birthdays, and email addresses to quickly and accurately fill orders

Enhance your Pizza POS System with features like:
pizza pos with kitchen monitor
Kitchen Display Monitor

Send orders out rapidly with orders sent and managed from the kitchen

pizza point of sale with online ordering
Online Ordering

Increase sales by providing an easy and convenient way to place orders

pizza pos with advance ordering
Advance Ordering

Store an order and automatically send it to the food prep area

pizza restaurant inventory control
Inventory Control

Track exact item quantity sold by customer count or by day

pizza pos with guest paging
Guest Paging

Locate guests quickly and reduce guests from leaving

pizza pos with customer loyalty coupons
Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with built-in promotions & coupons

Pizza Equipment Options to Boost Operations
restaurant tableside ordering tablet

Tableside Ordering

Allow servers to take orders and process payments right at the table

mobile pay for pos system

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table

Easily place orders and accept payments right at the table to speed up service

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