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bar and nightclub point of sale system

Bar & Nightclub

POS Systems

Discover total management control in your bar's payment processing system

bar pos system monitor tablet

With Restaurant Manager’s Bar POS System you will keep the drinks flowing while making the bartender's job run smoothly. Keep margins high and improve billing accuracy with increased speed and better service.

Fast Order Switching

 Quickly and easily switch between existing orders and start new orders directly from the order entry

Real-Time Alerts

Identify a big spender so you can provide personalized service or move them to a VIP area

Recipe Look-Ups

 Give bartenders instant access to drink recipes from the bartender’s bible to speed up service. 

Price Scheduling

 Schedule happy hour promotions to make sure you collect the right amount at the right time 

Age Verification

 POS reads all valid government issued ID Cards or driver’s licenses to legally protect your staff 

Speedy Transactions

Create rapid service with one touch “next round” ordering, quick bar tab pre-authorizations and transfers 

Enhance your Bar POS System with features like:
pos with coupon setup and tracking
Promotions & Coupons

Extend your bar or nightclub's customer base with specials

pos with liquor control system
Liquor Control Devices

Interface to liquor control systems to manage pour and inventory

pos with video tracking
Video Tracking

Order and check information is overlaid on your camera video 

pos with inventory control
Inventory Control

Track inventory with real-time stock and item counts from any POS station

pos with gift card redemption
Gift Cards

Manage gift card sales and redemption directly on your POS system

bar pos with credit card tabs
Credit Card Tabs

Open bar tabs easily for customers wanting to stay a while

Bar & Nightclub Equipment Options to Boost Operations
restaurant tableside ordering tablet

Tableside Ordering

Allow servers to take orders and process payments right at the table

mobile pay for pos system

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table

Easily place orders and accept payments right at the table to speed up service

Weight Scale

Weigh drinks for accuracy to keep your supplies on track.

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